Hold and crush some
bears with $HZL

A meme coin with utility that makes every dip get crushed with pumps

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7% total tax on transactions

3% total tax goes to yield generation and reward holders

2% tax goes into liquidity to increase floor price

When life gives you

Hodzilla is for the people, for the memes and to crush jeets. It’s the age of hodlzillas.

On Binance Smart Chain

For cheaper fees and faster transactions.


Presale on pinksale

liquidity generation

a percentage of tax goes into liquidity

Reward to holders

Holders get rewarded for just holding $HZL

It’s time to vibe with $HZL Tokenomics

Your dollar may be getting destroyed by inflation but $HZL will stay sweet and steady.

1 Billion

Total tokens forever!

200 Million

20% For Liquidity Pools!

500 Million

Total Burnt tokens

250 Million

25% Locked Tokens

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Step 1

Create Wallet

Create a BSC wallet, you can use trust wallet, Metamask, Safepal and many more but avoid using a CEX wallet

Step 2

Get Some BNB

Credit your wallet with some BNB (smart chain) as that’s what you’ll be using to purchase $HZL

Step 3

Swap BNB to HZL

When presale is live on pinksale you would just need to connect your wallet to the presale and buy with your BNB

Remember this is for the MEME

$HZL is a meme coin that basically rewards Diamond hands. All transactions are taxed and some of it goes to holders while the rest goes into liquidity pool and furthering the project.